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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sacred Lotus Blossom

Today we'd like to give a little history and background information on the lotus blossom. Having symbolic meaning in eastern religions it has become an icon in the west as well that represents ideas about purity, elegance, and spiritual growth and maturation. We love the ideas and symbolism behind the blossom so much that it is represented in our logo.

The Hindu religion probably uses the symbol of the lotus most heavily, it is associated with their gods Vishnu and Brahma and goddesses Lakshmi and Sarasvati as well as their creation mythology. In both Hinduism and Buddhism much of their artwork depicts various gods and goddesses perched on or holding and wearing the sacred lotus blossoms. The most revered quality of the lotus blossom is the fact that it comes from a seed planted deep within mud below a pond, and it grows through the mud and water and comes out perfectly clean and pristine as a blossom high above the water, almost as though it has transcended to the spiritual plane.

The Bahá'í Faith which is a faith based on the unity of all major world religions and has approximately 5-6 million followers adopted the lotus from the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs and built one of their largest temples located in New Delhi, India in the form of a lotus, "The Lotus Temple", a marvelous structure that closely resembles the blossom.

The sacred lotus is one of the world's most celebrated flowers and we have used its symbolism in several of our pieces, here is a list of our favorite lotus blossom jewelry:


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