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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Cameo Pendant

When Cameo is used in referring to jewelry it is defined as a carved piece of shell, stone, or glass, usually as a portrait or figure in a pendant for a necklace. The earliest known use of the Cameo dates back to the Greeks around 6th century BC, although the style didn't gain major popularity until the Renaissance era of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Today it is very rare to find a individual hand carved Cameo pendant as they are not only time consuming to produce but very expensive and only a small handful of people are considered master Cameo carvers. While all Cameos are still hand carved they are done as a master template and then reproduced with the help of a machine using ultrasonic vibrations and a diamond slurry to shape the piece. These are usually created using agate stones with the most popular colors being blue, red, and green.

Here at Sacred Charms we've combined several Cameo pendants with beautiful pearls, seed beads, and other gemstones. So far we have the Blue Buddha Cameo, Red Buddha Cameo, Flower Cameo, and a Cupid Cameo.


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