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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mandala Charms & Jewelry

Today we'd like to provide some information about the mandala, its meaning, history, and properties. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning, circle or completion. The idea and meanings of the mandala mostly originate in eastern religions but definitely hold meaning and value around the globe in almost all religious and spiritual beliefs. In its most generic translation the mandala has come to represent the universe itself both physically and spiritually, it is the human expression of the cosmos.

The mandala is often used as an aid in meditation. The Tibetan Monks will spend days possibly weeks creating intricate sand paintings of mandalas, after a brief moment of pondering they will brush all the sand into a container and dump it into a river or stream as an offering to the universe to help live and realize the idea of impermanence . The creation of these mandalas can be a long and detailed process. Before one is even allowed to begin such a work of art in the Buddhist religion they must learn the meaning of every symbol and practice its design years before they actually form all the elements into a mandala. Some students have been known to create up to 100,000 pieces on their spiritual path to enlightenment.

The mandala is used in a wide variety of uses from paintings and meditation aids to floor plans for Hindu temples. It can represent the entire universe to one of many gods and deities. As a piece of artwork the mandala is used in many types of offerings, from a purely spiritual point to a physical offering to ones guru or lama in appreciation of their teachings.

We have several mandala charm based necklaces that we've designed to help create a balanced energy that you can use in meditation, yoga, or just your everyday routine. Our mandala charms are all pure sterling silver combined with quality gemstones of various styles.


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