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Friday, April 24, 2009

Handmade Jewelry Charms

As we mention on our homepage many of our pendants are hand cast by a local artisan. We want our jewelry to be as original and unique as possible while we do buy materials that are mass produced such as pearls and some beads we try to limit it as much as possible and look for unique cuts and colors in our gemstones, this is often why our pieces change over time or are even discontinued as a certain cut or color of stone may become unavailable and we will have to find a suitable alternative if one exists and still can maintain the original idea behind the piece.

Today we'd like to show you a few of our pieces that are hand cast and give you some information on the process of silver casting for handmade jewelry. The most common way to create a silver charm is called lost wax casting. You start with wax carving of your design. If it's going to be reproduced many times you then create a rubber mold of your wax carving, so that you can create as many wax replicas as you need from the rubber mold.

Once your mold is complete you make a plaster casting of it, it is this casting that the molting silver will be poured into. After cooling has occurred you are ready to break it out of the plaster and give it a polish. The process has changed very little since mankind began casting metals. Here are a few of the pieces that we use our locally cast charms in:

Our handmade jewelry is made to order, we can customize length, color, and more, just contact us and ask and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.


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